A Guide to Forced Induction Engines

Forced induction engines are a type of internal combustion engine that is super or turbo charged. So, this kind of engine will not be naturally aspirated but will have been given something extra (often referred to as a boost) to make it work more efficiently and powerfully.

Naturally aspirated engines cannot perform to maximum effect, however the addition of a super or turbo charge makes them work more efficiently. Here a gas compressor becomes part of the air/fuel intake which improves the amount of air/fuel that can be fed into the cylinders thus improving the power and performance of the engine itself.

Although super and turbo chargers basically do the same thing they both work in different ways. The turbo charger works by means of a turbine driven compressor that works on forced conduction principles and which is powered by the pressure of exhaust gases. The super charger uses a mechanical belt system. Here the charger is driven by the crankshaft of the engine via the super charger’s belt.

Opinion is often divided on whether super or turbo charged forced induction engines are better. For example, some people find that turbo chargers are more efficient as super chargers use a lot more power in some cases. However, turbo chargers can be prone to lag time on issues such as throttle response.